So that your car sleeps well

Hotel-owned parking spaces are available directly on the hotel premises. For 9€ per day, you can conveniently park your car at the hotel. To ensure that you have a parking spot upon your arrival, we recommend reserving one before your journey.

Reserving a parking space is easy and convenient via our guest app on your smartphone. After your booking, you will receive access to your personal page in the app via email.

Once logged in, navigate to the “+Breakfast/Parking” section to reserve your parking spot. On the day of your arrival, you will find access to the parking barrier in the guest app under “Door Opening”. By swiping the slider to the right, you open the barrier and can drive into the parking lot.

Since the availability of parking spaces is limited, we recommend making your reservation as early as possible.

e-charging stations

A total of 4 e-charging stations are available to you. Roaming is not enabled here as these are not public charging stations. To charge your car, please scan the attached QR code with the charging app on your smartphone.

You pay a one-off charge of €1 + €0.59/kWh.

Additional parking options:

Directly in front of the hotel, there are public short-term parking spaces. You can get a free parking ticket for 30 minutes from the parking meter and place it in your car. This gives you enough time to check in comfortably. Afterwards, you can drive to the public underground car park at the train station, for example.